Installing Sencha Cmd

Installing Sencha Cmd

Hi, in this article I will show you how to install Sencha Cmd on computer. I decided to create single post for that because other posts are connected with system terminal. In the Sencha Cmd you can create, update your projects from terminal, its fundamental tool in building Sencha apps. Additional features in this tool allow to create minified versions of your code and prepare them into production. Those functions give you possibility to automate some parts of your development process and of course save your time.

Installation packages are available for those system platforms: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Click here to download Sencha Cmd

//Remmember, Sencha Cmd requires Java on your computer

If you’re using unix environment, you can add to PATH binary path of Sencha Cmd. After that you can reach sencha command in your terminal but the latest versions do this automatically.


After download you have to install Sencha Cmd on your computer. After installation please go to terminal and put sencha in command line.

//If you don’t want or you have problems with PATH, you can use absolute path to sencha bin (path to your Sencha Cmd installation) in terminal

You should see result similar to the following picture:


Do you have similar result? Great, you’ve installed amazing tool. Sencha command give you a lot of informations about this tool and how to use it. The main informations about using with Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch. If you reached our goal, please enjoy. If you have problems, please feel free to contact me.


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