Mixins in Sencha Architect 2.2

Mixins in Sencha Architect 2.2

Sencha Architect 2.2 is the latest version (version 3 should be available in the end of this year) of Sencha’s HTML5 visual app builder which helps us to create rich user interface with ExtJS 4. It’s very helpful and mature software but still with some limits. One of the major problem is lack of support for mixins class. But as always we can do the trick to resolve this.

Firstly, we need to check that extended component is already a standalone class, if not we need to promote our element.


Next, select newly created class. In properties list find  ”Process Config” and add function which will process configuration object.


And in the end put line

Ext.Base.mixin.call({your.class}, '{mixinName}', {mixin.class});

to this function.

Trick not so beauty as Megan Fox but effective like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “Last Stand” movie.


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